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About us


Red Ant is the brand of handmade cases from natural materials. The brand appeared in Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia in 2013, whereas the production of leather products takes its roots back to 1920’s. Thanks to the precise design, attention to details and reasonable prices, the company has built its reputation even in conditions of fierce competition not only in Slovakia but also on other markets.


Marián Štúrik, founder and CEO:

“When my great-grandfather opened factory of leather accessories in 1920, barely he thought that one day his great-grandson will be sitting in his very own workshop writing this story a almost hundred years later. The sense of tradition, which appears in my family history from the very beginning of the 20th century and which – even after lots of historical events happened in Slovakia at that time – has basically risen from the ashes.

I was thinking about the idea of re-opening the factory again for some time, and the final decision was made in 2017. The name Red Ant comes from the historical roots of leather processing in our region. We have a record of people living in the region of middle and upper Danube in the 4th to 5th century CE, they were called The Antes people. The ancient Slavic tribe was famous for its ingenious ability to process leather and leather products. The leather was further used to make tools, weapons, as well as clothes and other accessories.

Nowadays the Red Ant production combines the old traditional way of sewing genuine leather with modern IT technologies. Red Ant is responsible for creating unique pieces of fashion accessories with the ambition of expanding to the markets of Western and Eastern Europe.”


From the design table all the way to the final transportation of the product, all the stages are performed under the management of Red Ant in Slovakia. Authen­tic design using high-quality local materials and manufacturing processes, are the essential and inseparable parts of every brand edition. All the cases are handmade in a scenic town of Rimavska Sobota, the town in the Southern Slovakia. Therefore, it adds to the uniqueness of our product lines.


We focus on precise work and details. Our goal is to create lasting value that can be carried across generations. Nowadays mobile phone accessories are the part of one’s style and personality. They express one´s interests and aesthetic preferences and attitudes towards life.

They reflect individual personalities in our cases for mobile phones, tablets and laptops, which follow the traditions of the craftwork in a symbiotic connection with innovation and an attitude towards the future.


Our mission is to become the most popular brand for handmade accessories from natural materials in Europe. We work hard on launching new products for our customers regularly and updating our assortment. We also constantly improve our techniques to provide the best for you. The biggest advantage of our products is the opportunity to customise the design and size of our cases according to your individual taste.



Address: Sobôtka 5116/3

Post Code: Rimavská Sobota

E-mail: info@redant.sk

Telephone: +421 903 790 805